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Style Solutions

Exclusive to Bunnings Stores in VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, SA, WA and TAS.

The STYLE SOLUTIONS range is a collection of ornamental shrubs and perennials which are reliable and easy to grow making landscaping choices easier for the home gardener. Each variety has a dedicated page of information highlighting features, uses, growing and care instructions in clear, easy to understand terms. Creating your own garden style is easier than you think with a wide range of form, colour and texture - begin right here for some inspiration!

This site also incorporates theLavender Patch® RangeAnother Bunnings exclusive.

LAVP Lavandula Salvation


  • Bred in Australia for a vibrant and long lasting display beginning from late winter.
  • Neat, compact habit and low maintenance.
  • Easy to grow, fragrant and dry tolerant.


  • Fragrance and colour for entertainment areas.
  • Water wise and sensory gardens.
  • Informal hedging.
  • Containers and general garden use.


Plant in full sun in well draining soil. Watering requirements are low once established needing only occasional long soaks during extended periods of heat.
In summer trim to about two-thirds its size to maintain shape and vigour.  At this time an application of a slow release fertiliser would also be beneficial. For hedging, space plants approximately 60cm apart.

full sun
dry tolerant